Akouba Whitepaper

The future of small business lending technology:

Increasing outreach, profit and customer satisfaction in the SMB lending space through digitization

The world of lending, and specifically small business lending, has gone through a remarkable change over the past few years.  SMB owners have become aware of the the benefits that come from an accessible, digitized lending experience. New expectations have been set, and more borrowers are choosing lenders who who are available at the click of a button, and those lenders may no longer be traditional financial institutions.

This whitepaper discusses why small business owners are dissatisfied with their current financial institutions lending process, why digitizing your SMB lending process should be a top priority, and 3 options financial institutions have today for digitizing their SMB lending process.

Download to learn: 

  • why small business owners are dissatisfied with their financial lenders
  • why financial institutions need to digitize their SMB lending process
  • 3 options for digitizing your institution's SMB lending, including pros and cons